Friday; Call Sheet Friday 23rd NEW

The final day of filming, a lovely 8 am call, the last one thank goodness. I arrived in the studio to begin straight away, helping set up the uni-rap stage, positioning the chairs, and sitting in shot whilst the camera’s were tweaked to capture the best angle. The set up took a little longer than expected as there were a few lighting issues but they were straightened out and the actors came in ready to start shooting. I stayed on the floor and helped to move chairs on and off set betweens cuts and re-arrange the set.


As we were shooting “as live”, the vision mixer had a strict time schedule in which to film the live inserts to mix with the pre-recorded ones, in order to create the show as a whole. This restriction on time became very noticeable and at times hard to stick to. The floor manager was given a count down from the gallery where he then counted down on his hands to the actors so that they could ‘wrap it up’ quick enough to cut to the pre-recorded inserts. This had to be done a few times as you can imagine, the delivery of lines was very important and can’t just be rushed.

Whilst counting out of “as live” and back in again (as if it were just coming back to the studio) a technical difficultly occurred and the camera’s went black with no lighting. This caused a little hiccup in the day as the gallery couldn’t see anything so the filming had to take a break and an early lunch break was given whilst the problem was fixed. When we returned the filming commenced until that sketch was finished and the next sketch was set up.

The chat show interview was the last sketch to film, it was also the longest with the most dialogue, potentially taking the longest time to film if the director missed the camera shots. However, that didn’t happen. Leo was on top form and knew what camera angles he wanted, at what time, when each actor did what. I was in the gallery watching and listening to all the decisions made in order to capture the show the way he imagined it, writing down each time it didn’t go to plan, or if it did, to keep that footage. A few sound issues arose throughout the sketch too, but Harry and Huw were aware and fixed it immediately, by changing batteries of radio mics etc. Of course it took a few takes, the actors misread their lines, and the camera movement was a little jerky at times but the end take was so good that you’d forget about all the other takes and mistakes and just be pleased. The acting again, was fantastic, as were the efforts from camera’s, lighting,  the production team, the creative design team and the runners. It was a long day, but so very productive.


Looking back on it now, there are a few things that The Bath Road Show could have done differently. My strongest opinion is that it should have mixed up the roles that were assigned to certain people. Of course it is no one’s fault for being talented at a certain role and therefore being kept on it, but it doesn’t allow those who are less experienced and perhaps not as good to give it a try and improve.

Also, I feel personally I should have been more inquisitive. I should have jumped in when the lighting was being fixed and learnt how to use the lighting board. The camera’s and sound however I did get myself involved with as much as possible, and Danny showed me a how the switches effect the sounds etc. I feel my role throughout this production was a little vague, I was a runner, but there still wasn’t much to do specifically just for me. I did some research into television runners before the week began and I understand their role completely, and how they work there way up, but personally after this week of experiencing it, I don’t think its the job for me.

The Bath Road Show experience has been amazing. I have learnt first hand how television productions are brought alive, and I can appreciate the hard work put in by so many different people. I’ve learnt how time consuming and tedious certain aspects of studio work can be, not by watching others have to sit around, but by being one of those who are sitting around waiting. Although at the beginning I was a little unsure of the whole production, I can safely say I am so glad I’ve been part of this.


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